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LCC Theatre Company

LCC is a student-run theatre organization. We embrace diversity and put on shows every quarter. Auditions are held annually at the end of Fall!

Social Awareness Network for Activism through Art

SANAA Mentors conduct a dance workshop with Dominguez High School Mentees to promote the idea of self-expression and team-building through art. Photo Credit: Echo Zen.

Grupo Folklorico de UCLA!

Performers dancing on stage at the annual Fiesta Mexicana. No prior experience is necessary! contact: mailto:gruposecretary@gmail.com.

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Join us to BEAT USC!!

Hosted by SAA, Beat 'SC Bonfire and Rally! Join the fun! For more information contact: saa@alumni.ucla.edu.

Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership

Raising awareness about cultural and academic issues regarding the transfer experience. For more information contact: ucla.ptsp@gmail.com.

Latin Styles Dance Troupe

The Latin Styles Dance Troupe is a branch of the Latin American Student Association (LASA). The dance troupe has been around for over 10 years and focuses on continuing a tradition in our culture through different styles of dance varying from Salsa, Bachata, Banda, and Quebradita.

Engineering Society of UCLA

ESUC serves to provide as a central means of communication amongst all engineering students and organizations.

Satyr Magazine

A few of our members reading the fall 2013 issue of Satyr Magazine, UCLA's oldest, youngest, and finest comedy publication (by default).

CircleK: Leadership, Fellowship, and Service

We are a collegiate service based organization dedicated towards serving the community, encouraging member leadership, and fostering amazing friendships.

USEU: The Salvadoran Student Union)

Members of USEU or la Unión Salvadoreña de Estudiantes Universitarios (which in English translates into, the Salvadoran Student Union) capture a memory of their end-of-the-quarter social. The purpose of USEU is to empower the Salvadoran community. Get involved with us! Contact: useu@ucla.edu

CAC: Cultural Affairs Commission

The mission of the Cultural Affairs Commission (CAC) is to put on quality programming with cultural, political, or social relevance that are accessible to all students. From Bruin Bash to Hip Hop Contact: sayson@culturalaffairsla.com

Model United Nations at UCLA

MUN members visit the United Nations in New York. Model United Nations provides opportunities for members to travel and compete at collegiate conferences. For more information contact: staff@bruinmun.org

Hermanas Unidas de UCLA

Hermanas Unidas de UCLA focuses on three main pillars: academics, community service, and collegiate networking. Through these pillars we support Latinas along their pursuit of a degree in higher education while emphasizing our organization motto, "Poder de la Mujer.

UCLA Wushu

Join UCLA Wushu to learn the basics of Chinese martial arts and travel around the world to compete at various renowned competitions. For more information, contact: wushu@ucla.edu.

Beta Delta Alpha Arab Interest Fraternity

Beta Delta Alpha is the first Arab interest fraternity in North America. Anyone of any kind is welcome to be a brother among ambitious and cultured gentlemen.

UCLA Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem is a non-profit, student-run organization that provides a weeklong, free summer camp for children who have/had a parent with cancer.

The Westwood Enabler

Alternatively referred to as the "Onion of UCLA", the "Buzzfeed of 2017" and "not the New Yorker", the Westwood Enabler is dedicated to bringing you the best in fake journalism. We meet Mondays at 5. Newbies always welcome. To find out more, contact us at: westwoodenabler@gmail.com

UCLA Cricket World Cup enthusiasts

We are cricket enthusiasts studying at UCLA.

Teach Kids about the Brain!

Interaxon is a neuroscience outreach group dedicated to teaching local K-12 students about the brain, fostering interest about science and higher education.

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