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Welcome to the official website of the

UCLA Premedical Peer Association!

For anyone going the pre-med route, know that there is support for you
during your tough journey here at UCLA. Be ahead of the game, and join
the UCLA Premedical Peer Association!

Our organization aims to unify pre-medical students by promoting a forum for discussion, creating a center for support, offering a wealth of diverse pre-med opportunities (through internships, research, clinical experience), and providing preparatory tools for the interview and application processes.By becoming a member (no cost), you are granted access to a plethora of research, job, volunteer/community service opportunities!!

* Current & Upcoming PPA Meetings, Events & Notices: *

PPA has a meeting

TODAY, Thursday January 30 at 5:30pm

We are featuring

Ms. Yoohanna of USC's Keck School of Medicine Global Medicine Program

This is an opportunity for anyone interested in a Master's Degree
as well as anyone that is looking to boost their resume during a year (or two) off!

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Once you have made it through you medical school interviews and have been accepted into a program, then it's time to start learning all about the medical field and helping individuals lead healthier and longer lives. Many medical students and doctors alike have the ability to travel all across the globe, to places like Indonesia, Jakarta or even Banyuwangi. And if you talk to some of the senior doctors that have made humanitarian trips in the past, they will tell you it is incredibly rewarding to be able to help people in your free time. It also doesn't hurt that there are usually a day or two of R and R scheduled, allowing for a bit of down time at a Bali Villa is one of the perks of humanitarian work.

In order to reduce the amount of time in graduate school, many ambitious undergraduate students will decide to enter a Juris Doctor / Medical Doctor degree program, which can be completed in just 4 years. Some professionals, after going to school, decide that they want to change career paths later in life. The nice part about having a dual doctorate degree is if you want to stop being a Medical Doctor and start working as a White Plains bankruptcy lawyer, so long as you have passed the Bar exam in New York, you shouldn't have any issues.  
You don't have to be a pre-med student to know that a good night's sleep is good for your grades, your overall health and for your state of mind. Make sure you are getting a good night's rest at your university housing. Some students will elect to get an organic mattress, a new mattress cover or maybe just a new comforter to help them get a good night's sleep in their student housing bed.


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