exists to provide a bridge between all people dealing
with issues of sexual orientation or gender identity.

This is a community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex,
queer, and questioning Bruins and everyone who loves them!


Queer Alliance USAC Endorsements

Hey QA!

This is a message from the Queer Alliance board to make sure you are all aware that our student government elections are this week. USAC elections are very important to our campus: they determine our community’s access to funding and other resources, to administration and to support that we receive for our programs and community initiatives, such as Project 1. Please be sure to educate yourselves on the candidates, the issues and vote on before this Thursday, the 10th, at 6 pm. We, do, though, encourage you to vote as soon as possible.

The Queer Alliance board has attended endorsement hearings, debates, personally spoken with candidates and we STRONGLY endorse the independent candidates Taylor Mason to be our next Cultural Affairs Commissioner (CAC) and Lana Habib El-Farra to be our next External Vice President (EVP). Check out their website here . We also look forward to working with Academic Affairs Commissioner, Kim Davis and congratulate Queer Alliance member Taylor Bazley in running for Financial Supports Commissioner and urge you to give him your consideration.

Taylor Mason and Lana El-Farra are the most qualified candidates to represent the Queer community. As candidates with two years of in-house leadership in their respective offices, Taylor and Lana are passionate about the work of their offices and QUALIFED to fulfill their duties of office. In her time here at UCLA, Taylor has been a member of BlaQue, a Queer Alliance organization, has also worked with us to bring you National Coming Out Week, and has worked with CAC to put on large-scale programs, such as Jazz Reggae Festival, WorldFest and the Word on Wednesday. Lana, amongst other accomplishments, serves on the United States Student Association Board of Directors, one of the most influential forums in advocating for Queer students and their needs.

These candidates come from a legacy of leaders who have worked alongside us to put on events, such as National Coming Out Week, to field delegations to the Western Regional and Queer People of Color Conferences, and to carry out campaigns such as Gender neutral housing and restrooms, as well as Transgender Healthcare coverage. Lana and Taylor’s development ensures us that they will advocate for us. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same of the current Facilities Commissioner candidate who claims that he will work on gender neutral housing, even though it has been worked on and put into motion by the Facilities Commissioner from two years ago, in collaboration with us, the Queer Alliance, and the LGBT Resource Center, continuing a pitiful trend on the part of certain Bruins United candidates of tokenizing LGBTQ community issues and needs.

Of course, it is extremely important that we support candidates who we know will actively and sincerely advocate with us now and in the future.

We strongly encourage all Queer Alliance members to take an active role in these elections as they greatly affect the existence of the Queer Alliance space!

If you have any questions about the elections or the candidates, please feel free to contact us. Also, if you would like to volunteer, please let us know as soon as possible! It would be greatly appreciated! These advocates for the Queer community cannot win without your support, and volunteer efforts. Thank you for your commitment to the Queer Alliance and the UCLA community!

With love and solidarity,

Marcus Mc Rae
Queer Alliance Director

Eric Adams
BlaQue Chair

Dafne Luna
La Familia Chair

Wesley Cheng
Katelyn Foster
Nouk Yang
Pan-Asian Queer Chairs

Briana Mendoza
Andrea Vazquez
Project 1 Directors

Mireya Jordan
Jasmin Williams
Queer X Girl Co-chairs

Anthony Montalvo
Financial Co-ordinator

Jan Victor Andasan
Retention Co-ordinator

Matthew Abularach
Luis Roman
Queer Alliance Staff


Queer Youth Empowerment Day


We would like to cordially invite you to the first annual Queer Youth Empowerment Day hosted by Project 1 at UCLA. This a one day free conference designed to bring queer youth of color as well as their teachers, parents and allies for a unique and exciting educational experience at UCLA. Hosted by UCLA’s Project 1, the conference explores the issues that queer youth of color face in the 21ist century, with the hope of inspiring and empowering them to pursue higher education and become agents of transformative change in their communities.  This year’s theme is “Empower Youth Voice!” and will feature guest performer Kay Barrett! Lunch and transportation will be provided!!

You can now register here:

Email us at

Find us at Facebook and Twitter.

3rd Annual Anti-Fashion Show

3rd Annual Anti-Fashion Show

3rd Annual Anti Fashion Show

Come and learn about queer bodies, the trans community, and FASHION!


Visit the Facebook event page.

Ally Week 2012

Ally Week 2012

Love, Support, Advocate


Ally Week is a week-long initiative that seeks to reach out to the entire UCLA community in an effort to spread awareness, education, and information about the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender communities and what it means to support the LGBT community. Each of Ally Week’s events and programs is heavily focused on exposing students to the information and tools necessary to actively participate as an “ally” to members of the LGBT community. We hope that all participants leave Ally Week with a better understanding of their fellow Bruins and a will to support and ultimately love all members of our campus community.


The Ally Week mission is multi-faceted, addressing issues specific to UCLA and making a public testament to the world of UCLA’s commitment to inclusivity, support, and ultimately love.


Visit the Facebook event page.

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