Week 7's meeting (on Wednesday) is in Ackerman 3517 at 5-6PM. Please take note =)
Please be on time as we will be going to Diddy Riese...

Support our club! Remember to bring T-shirt money. $13 for new, $20 for new and old.
Bring your friends!

General announcements:
Meetings are weekly and take place on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm inAckerman Union 3517 (Rooms are subject to change, so sign up for our mailing list by e-mailing tca.ucla@gmail.com or double check on this website). Check out the events page to find out what events are taking place for Fall Quarter 2010!!


Ga-Gi-Nang (Who we are)
Teo Chew, Chiu Chow, ChaoZhou, Teo-Chiu, Diojiu, Chiu Chou…nomatter how you say it, they are all one the same. Although this language and culture is referred to by a variety of names, Teo-Chew is so dispersed into many different ethnicities that many students may not even be aware that they are in fact part Teo Chew!
Why is that? Because many Teo Chew people have integrated identities (i.e. Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, French, Korean, even Australian) we’re everywhere! Therefore, Teo Chew Association (TCA) at UCLA provides a place where students can create bridges and connect with each other and their own families to preserve the special Teo Chew language, culture, and heritage while having fun while we’re at it!
UCLA’s Teo Chew Association works toward preserving and recognizing Teo Chew culture on campus, in the community, and throughout the various colleges in our TC network. Our goals are to network, connect, and increase cultural awareness for our members and beyond.

And if you’re wondering, no you don’t have to be Teo Chew to join! Everyone is welcome! :D


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