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Dear Participants,

On behalf of UCLA Kendo Club, welcome to the Yuhihai Intercollegiate Kendo Tournament website. The Yuhihai embodies the aspirations for the future of intercollegiate kendo. It is with great excitement that I encourage students to get involved in this event.

The term Yuhihai means "a great leap full of bravery and ambition." As such, the tournament aspires to motivate students to challenge themselves through Kendo competition. Through the process of rigorous preparation, training and teamwork, the goal is for all participants to contribute to the development of Intercollegiate Kendo.

The Yuhihai welcomes undergraduate students from universities across North America to compete. The spirit of competition will certainly develop friendships and build good will. May you all do your very best!

Masaharu Makino
Kyoshi 7 Dan
UCLA Kendo Shihan