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Support UCLA Rugby

More than 40 UCLA students participate annually on our team. Help us keep dues low, so we can focus on winning.

Maintaining a competitive rugby team at the collegiate level is difficult as we receive limited funding. The majority of our support comes almost wholly from the generosity of donors. We create a tight budget and mitigate our expenses whenever we can; however, donations are needed to sustain the team. Without your support, women's rugby at UCLA wouldn't be the exciting and accomplished program it is today.

Make a tax-deductible donation through the UCLA Recreation Website.
Be sure to scroll to the bottom and choose Women's Rugby Fund
Projected budget for the 2014-15 season

Transportation Costs (gas and van rentals) - $9,115
+ Tournament and league fees - $3,875
+ Supplies and equipment - $3,670
+ Lodging (we billet as much as possible) - $650
+ Coaching Expenses - $450

+ Cost of Nationals - $23,585


Advertising opportunities

Prom Dress Rugby
PDR is annually featured in television, radio, and print publications, exposing the event to thousands of viewers. Featuring the team in a full contact rugby match in prom dresses, PDR can be seen here, or on: Daily Bruin, ResTV, UCLA Today, UCLA Magazine, UCLA Radio, and YouTube with hits of over 243,000.

Team T-Shirts are issued annually and worn all around the UCLA campus that boasts an undergraduate enrollment of over 26,500. They are also worn at numerous tournaments and away games attended by UCSD, UCSB, ASU, Stanford, University of Arizona, Davis, UC Berkeley, USC, and many others from all over the nation.

League Games
Three home games are played against UCSD, UCSB, ASU and U of A. Each is an opportunity for banner and product exposure to teams, coaches, and spectators.

Please get in touch with our External Vice President Ari Martinez if you are interested in fundraising and/or sponsorship opportunities.

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